Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Good bye Leh..

Today, we are leaving for Delhi. Till yesterday, we weren't sure about the route we were going to take for our return. After long hours of discussion, weighing all the pros and cons, we decided to take Leh -Kargil -Srinagar- Delhi route. Reasons being:

1. We would be able to visit some new places.
2. The idea of seeing Kashmir thrilled us.
3. The route is much better as compared to Leh-Manali highway, Zojilla pass being the only trouble.

A bit long as compared to other one but this made our tour the most memorable and complete in every sense. We traveled across the most beautiful roads possible.

Here's our first day on road back to Delhi:

We were feeling a pang of sadness while leaving Leh. And it's very natural. We thought Leh is over. But no. We were yet to see some more of Ladakh. From Leh to Kargil, we can enjoy the route. We left at around 6:30 in the morning and fueled our bikes before leaving the town.

Just after around half an hour, we saw sign board reading "Magnetic Hill". It is a place where vehicles drive against gravity. 

  Unsuccessful efforts
We tried unsuccessfully with bikes only to find out that only the balanced vehicles like cars, if left free, move toward the slope as if a reverse gravity is acting. I don't know the reason, but its actually true.

We had a target to reach Kargil today and we were wasting so much time!!! So we just rushed towards Kargil. 

The route , needless to say again, is extremely beautiful.

After another half an hour, we felt pangs of hunger. We had chocolates but we needed food... And then we saw a beautiful resort. Have a look...

The food was as good as the resort itself. However, a bit heavy on the pocket, but totally worth it.

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Leaving from there, we found ourselves back on the mesmerizing roads, still depicting the beauty of Ladakh. Before Kargil, we did not find any hotel or any place to relax. So, please watch out over any necessities. Make sure you are ready for the ride.

Kargil Kids

We were about to reach Kargil, way before our estimated time. Good Job! As we were ahead of time, we decided to leave and stay at next halt. 
It was Eid and the roads were empty. We were feeling scared because of empty roads but later when we knew the reason, we felt relieved.
We wanted to reach Srinagar. But the Zojilla pass shattered our dreams. At around 7:30, it was quiet dark and we decided to stay in Sonmarg, a beautiful hill station.

Way to Zojilla
Beautiful way indeed

Zojilla fear starts

We were accustomed to crossing passes and were not scared of Zojilla but it proved us wrong.There were times when we just lost hope of survival. However, we crossed it safely. Then the road was smooth and it took us around half an hour to reach Sonmarg. We all needed a good night's sleep. Good Night Sonmarg. The morning will bring a brighter side of you.

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