Saturday, 6 April 2013

Just a start...

I loved writing and i loved traveling ever since i know the meaning of liking. But rarely got to travel and hardly wrote anything. But yes, I knew what I liked!!! Now that's nothing new, we all know what we like. Err... May be we don't! Mostly we just live like everybody else and don't even get to know what we like to do.

I too was just living like everybody else till I really got to live my dreams. I actually moved out and made my first trip. It was real fun and I completely enjoyed every moment. Now I knew how it feels to follow what we really want want to do, how it feels to live the passion. It felt so great that and that's exactly when I thought- 'why leave my another passion behind'. So, I just googled and got the platform!

 May be no one will read it. But how does that affect me. I love 'writing' and not 'being read'. So, that's the complete thing about my new start. That's why I named it "Just a start". Will write about my first trip in next blog. 
Hope, it will continue....

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